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Aristotle once said ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. Today’s successful businesses are those that have learned to apply a holistic approach. As alternatives marketing specialists, we can help.

Looking professional and saying the right thing shouldn’t only happen in meetings. It should happen on the page. This is where your strategy, messaging and content must resonate with existing and prospect investors.

Having marketing materials that are scalable and repeatable is essential. The more you manage your standard materials, the more time you can spend on customisation that truly reflects the needs of your client. If more than two people in your organisation create or edit marketing materials, then you need a template; some form of slide library; brand guidelines and a file management process. This may sound daunting but it could be as little as being smart with folder creation, file naming and tagging. We can help with all of this.

Do you recognise the following scenario?

You hire a website design agency to create your website or indeed give it a brand refresh. Your website looks professional. Now, on the ground you deal with the creation of PowerPoint presentations, Word proposals and customised Excel performance reports. These marketing materials do not look the same as your website: the colours don’t match, the fonts are different, and colleagues are creating their own materials because you have no templates in place. We can help with this.

Whether you need help revealing your story, are seeking a new visual identity, need custom built pitchbooks and factsheets, or a common-sense file management system where nothing is lost, we can help.

CORE CAPABILITIES: Four pillars of The Muir Network:
CORE CAPABILITIES: Four pillars of The Muir Network

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