Browser Extensions aid accessibility

Whether you’re a business, a non-profit, or creative, how accessible is your website so that it can be experienced by everyone, including those with disabilities? In today’s post we explore browser extensions.

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As founder of The Muir Network or as a songwriter cum photographer, I’m trying to create content that is more web accessible. For example: I’m building a 3D virtual gallery that exhibits photographs, art & music but also contains written descriptions and audio descriptions (watch this space for updates).

Adding alt text and naming files in a way that means something all help to improve web accessibility.

Nevertheless, I kept thinking “What else can I do for those who struggle to really see text, images or colors online”? So, I did some research, read some articles, checked out websites that already incorporated plugins, such as OSCR, and then learned a lot more about tools that append to search browsers.

Website plugins v.s. online browser extensions

I think there are many more advantages to using tools appended to your preferred browser. For a start, adding a plugin to a website can be tricky in light of the number of providers out there and ease of installation. Whereas, using a browser extension means the choice is in the hands of the viewer; they have a large selection to choose from and the tools are quick and easy to install.

A few of my favourite tools

High Contrast and Helperbird are two tools I found to be expansive, thoughtful and easy to use. You can see in these videos how they perform in both a business and creative context.

Audio Voiceovers

As I mentioned earlier, I added audio voiceovers to my 3D gallery. However, I’m also adding audio to previous blog posts on The Muir Network and on and find I’m really enjoying it. Why? Because it’s authentic and allows me to truly share my tone of voice. Scottish accent and all.

What tools do you use? How do users experience your website?

Penny for your thoughts?