If you’re not already aware, Otter.ai (“Otter”) is a transcription service that can be connected to Zoom calls.

Client time is precious

Recording audio or video meetings lets you to focus on the conversation at hand rather than the note-taking we’re so often used to. This means you be more natural, which in turn helps to improve the flow of the conversation. This is especially true where storytelling is concerned.

I’ve worked with clients who’ve had little or no marketing materials or web presence. Therefore, to create materials from scratch requires an open dialogue and a conversation that flows freely, even if it switches from the main topic. Overall, this process can shine a light on key messages formerly obscured.

Benefits of using Otter’s mobile app

Here is a selection of the functionality Otter offers.

  • Share summarized notes or action points with your client (you can edit first)
  • Playback the slides/diagrams presented to absorb what the client was trying to express
  • Provide examples of your work or 3rd party sites as visual aids for ideation
  • File your ‘conversation’ in folders
Dictating notes using the Otter app. You won’t hear the sound as this is a screen recording.

Meet the Mobile App

Recording on the mobile version is limitless. For example, here are some instances you may relate to.

  • Watch a webinar on your PC (live or as a playback) and record the audio
  • Record notes on-the-fly
  • Attend a lecture and record
  • Recite an engaging article or use a text-to-reader app to speak it
  • Record initial thoughts for a blog post/article
  • Record a podcast or an interview you enjoyed
  • Upload an existing audio you recorded (a non-Otter app)
  • Recording a cooking show!

An authentic Tone of Voice

Above all, if you are using the app to help you write, for example a blog post, this is a great way of expressing your true tone of voice. The ‘spoken’ word can often help convey messages more simply than can the ‘written word’. It’s all about finding the balance.

Even this post was first drafted on the Otter.ai app!

Why not try it.

Penny for your thoughts?