When not working on financial projects, I help several nonprofits. What was perhaps a one-off may now become a regular event. You see, once a month, I spend the day with a nonprofit that seeks to provide healthy food to the community.

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This is an audio recording of the blog post entitled Lighthouses and Leaders. What makes a good leader? Listen to what happens when two people from completely different industry sectors spend the day together.

A morning on the farm

On this occasion, we spent the morning with a local organic farm to understand the farming process. I took photos of the food being gathered then sifted through massive machines before being put into large paper bags. Once stapled electronically, agile pallet trucks scooped them up and loaded them into our van. It was interesting hearing the farmer talk about the current climate, both in terms of weather and the economy.

An engine-powered pallet truck gathers the food order
An engine-powered pallet truck gathers the food order

An afternoon in the office

We spent the afternoon going over diverse items; from websites to Google My Business, from process management to project managing and more. Serious conversations were interspersed with light touches of smiles, of sharing ideas, resolving certain points and creating new ones.

Different is good

Coming from different sectors is a real positive: we each bring a different perspective, and are respectful of and receptive to the other’s experiences. Most importantly, we embrace the openness to learn.

Whether in the financial sector or the third sector, one thing is evident to me: Good leaders are like lighthouses. They see all around them and far into the distance to identify possible risk.  Yet they are also a protector: their unwavering light shines constant to guide those in need.

Do you know of any lighthouses?

Black and white silhouette image of a lighthouse looking out to sea
Lighthouses see all around and far into the distance

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