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Kathleen Muir

Founder and CEO of The Muir Network

I’m Kathleen Muir, Founder and CEO of The Muir Network.

We live in a storytelling world.

When people are overwhelmed with data, images, and content, what truly engages them is something timeless – the story. These days the story has many platforms but it’s all about conveying an idea to get people to react.

In business, that’s about getting consensus and agreement – getting to yes.

I set up The Muir Network to help investment managers enjoy the benefits of seasoned experience in creating high-quality materials that help tell their story, engage key stakeholders and achieve their goals.

What do you need?
  • Brand Messaging
  • Pitchbook creation/makeover
  • Website refresh
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • Presentation & factsheet templates
  • A conversation