Your digital and online appearance is as important as the content you are creating.

Does your organisation have one or all three of the following elements:

  • Website
  • Digital assets: pitch book, factsheets, tear sheets, performance reports
  • Traditional print assets: business card and letterhead

If you have all of these key marketing assets, they should be consistent: colours, fonts, visuals and tone of voice.

Whether you are a global or local firm, the principle you need to apply is the same. In short, imagine for a moment that all your marketing materials are placed on a board room table. Now imagine all your existing and prospect investors are in the room. Laid out, side by side, your materials should be identical in design, regardless of who created them.

Internal teams may not be working together physically but that should have no bearing on what a client is presented with.

Your marketing materials should be well designed and communicate information clearly using a narrative that has a consistent tone of voice. Combined, they are a direct reflection of your business. In short, if some contain typos or are poorly formatted, you will come across as disjointed.