The Art of Collaboration is Conversation

What we do is everything to do with you. The Muir Network has experience working with small and large financial institutions. We collaborate on all aspects relating to brand messaging – providing the words that help prospective investors understand what you stand for, what you offer, and how that relates to them.

What we do: we collaborate

We enjoy one-to-one collaborations that seek to explore your branding so as to really get to the essence of why you do what you do.

What we Do: Make Conversations Happen
Conversations make Connections

We’ve found that there are many ways to tell a story but it’s often a good idea to start from a different perspective.

Peripheral Vision: starting from. different perspective.
Peripheral Vision: starting from. different perspective.

We also like to work with smaller investment managers who can reap the benefits of our experience in creating high-quality materials.

The sum of all the parts

Often, one project becomes many. For example, one of our clients wanted a fund factsheet tidied up. We redesigned it, created a template, and added relevant disclaimers. We created a refreshed visual identity and rolled out the design to other fund factsheets.

Work didn’t stop there. Our client had never before told his story either on paper or on his website. By this time we’d earned his and he enjoyed the collaborative process. So, we sat down over a series of focussed zoom sessions and, well, just talked.

That’s just one example.

What we do: we start with a conversation

Having a conversation is a special moment. It’s unique. It’s the difference between the theater and the movies. Theater actors also have their lines to learn but each stage performance is different for a whole host of reasons. Each night a new audience is up close. And it’s personal.

Working together, your materials will tell a compelling story, engage key stakeholders and, ultimately, help you and your clients both achieve business success.